Adelbert Windlighter

Rebel Commander and former Jedi Knight


An older human male with lively eyes betraying his aged face. His brown hair is wavy and shoulder length, and sports streaks of grey.

Windlighter was last seen wearing a camouflage cloak, military fatigues, and kept a long lightsaber hilt on his belt.


Rebel Commander Adelbert Windlighter is the de facto leader of the Rebel liberation of Cerea and was the only non-Cerean allowed on the surface as part of their campaign. He is Ayo’s mentor and commanding officer and seems to have been part of the Jedi Order before the rise of the Galactic Empire.

As an old soldier strong in the ways of the Force, Windlighter has taken a particular interest in Jia Cri’s journey and training and has offered to help her and guide her any way that he can. He seems to have some history with Jia’s mentor on Janar Space City, Bandu Gaul.

Adelbert Windlighter

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