B-00 'Boo'

Prototype BB model astromech droid


B-00 is an experimental BB model prototype with an unpainted chassis and no particular markings, save for some dried mud left on her face by Cad Lantis.


B-00, or Boo, is one of the few astromech droids providing assistance to Lurrt in the hidden grotto hangar. She is somewhat temperamental and incredibly energetic. Although Boo can be clumsy, she has her own set of specialized skills and loves to help… or at least loves trying to help.

In need of some robotic assistance aboard the Supernova, Rell, Elora and Cad are currently negotiating with Lurrt to release Boo into their care in exchange for their help fixing up the Rebel Starfighters in the hidden grotto.

B-00 'Boo'

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