S9-PU 'Skunk'

Rebel Protocol Droid and Spy


S9-PU, or Skunk as he is known, is a repurposed protocol droid sporting a black chassis and a nasty attitude. A couple of white stripes have been painted down the length of his chassis and he has a shiny red rebel insignia emblazoned on his right shoulder blade.


Although the Cereans were uneasy about the presence of such a technological homunculus on their planet, General Ha successfully made the case for Skunk to join him in the militia hideout. Unfortunately for General Ha and for the locals, the at-times rude and callous Skunk absolutely fails in all of the categories you would expect a protocol droid to excel in, including etiquette or mechanical assistance of any sort. His skillset may lie elsewhere.

S9-PU 'Skunk'

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